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Thank you for your interest in booking Bad Whiskey. We bring our own instruments and both backline and frontline sound. We tailor our sound and our playlists to your occasion. We also bring a wide assortment of party items to get your party involved in the gig! Our light show sets the stage. Bad Whiskey is a seasoned, professional and polished band.

Contact Paul Serano at 856-304-4298; e-mail

4 thoughts on “Book Bad Whiskey!

  1. Hi guys my name is don and i seen you you guys several times . i am with riverwinds boat club and i was looking to talk to ya s about a price for playing a gig at one of our functions maybe i can talk to one of you at the southwood next weekend .. thanks don zellner 609 425 2506

  2. Thanks for checking us out, Don. We’d love to talk to you about the gig opportunity. If you want to speak with us before the Southwood gig, contact me (Paul) at 856-304-4298. Otherwise we’ll see you at Southwood on 1/16!

  3. I didnt know where to post this. I have seen you (the band) play at many places. You guys are tight and sound great,but the keyboards are to loud every time. the keyboards should be at the same volume as the guitar. please dont take offence i just want to see the band be the best they can be.

  4. Thanks for the comment. We have noticed in some places that our monitors are feeding back or the mix coming out favors the guitars and I have to adjust the keys. But this is good and I appreciate someone out there who sees us often making comments about the sound. I’ll make the adjustments on the monitors and keep the out-level a little lower where we need to. Keep coming out – and feel free to come up and introduce yourself. Thanks!

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