Paul Serano – Keyboards / Lead Vocals

Paul has performed music in some capacity since he was 9. It’s his real passion and it drives him to improve with each passing year. He has played several different instruments live, including the violin, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and of course the keyboards. His influences are The Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Doors, Yes, Asia, Chicago, Eric Clapton, and many others. Having played rock piano for years, he found a great challenge living up to the likes of Billy Preston or Ray Manzarek as far as finding a solid blues foundation playing with Bad Whiskey.

Paul does some vocal coaching during rehearsals, resulting in some solid harmonizing. He is usually hitting the real high notes or screaming out to accent different song phrases. It’s what gets him really into playing the tunes!

Paul will mix rock phrases and blues solos for most of the songs with Bad Whiskey. You’ll hear him in the forefront with driving solos that make full use of the 88 keys.