Ray Clark – bass / lead vocals

Ray Clark bleeds music. As a teen, Ray made a makeshift bass out of an old, broken guitar with four strings. It was his calling – Ray says “it’s what I do; it’s all I think about.” Well, he thinks about other things, too. After all, Ray’s a seasoned veteran of the touring scene, but he still maintains a strong sense of family.

His influences are clear in his playing – Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, among others. Listen to the hints of driving southern rock. He’s got the blues bass down to an art form. Ray’s talent extends beyond his melodic bass playing. He is a very strong vocalist, performing classics like Tore Down, Pride & Joy, and Ohio with Bad Whiskey. Ray also performs with mega-talented band Jay and the Double-Rays, from National Park, NJ.

Ray’s unending energy and enthusiasm is consistent even when rehearsing. He loves to play, and we all love to play with him